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Instagram Contests – Two Different Experiences

Winning at Instagram Contests Lately, I’ve been playing around with Instagram contests for one of my clients. And it’s been working out well for them. After a little experimentation, we landed on the type that got the best results: comment to enter the contest and tag friends for more entries. For these contests, we’ve also been […]

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The Instagram Algorithm – Is the Free Ride Over?

What the Facebook Algorithm Can Teach Us About the Instagram Algorithm It was only a matter of time, especially since Facebook bought Instagram. Reports have come out that there will be an Instagram algorithm that determines which posts make it to people’s timelines. Newer business owners and Facebook users may not remember this, but back […]

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Copyright and Content Marketing

Have you ever felt like you’ve been doing battle on a particular subject forever? That’s how I feel about copyright and content marketing. Way back in the early 2000s, I managed website content and email marketing for a large media company. Part of my responsibilities included doing those things for a nationally syndicated radio talk show […]

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