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How to Find Customers On Twitter

You might be posting to Twitter for your business, but did you know you can actually find customers on Twitter with advanced search? It’s really easy and I’ll show you how. Example 1: I’m a Roofer! First, think of a problem you can solve for your customer. In this example, I’m a roofer. So I’m […]

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How to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

UPDATE: Hey, this post just became moot as multiple account management rolls out to Instagram users. Yay! All the recent changes to Instagram have me wondering – why haven’t they given us an easy way to manage multiple Instagram accounts? Many business owners have at least two accounts, their personal one and one for the […]

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New Instagram Formats: Landscape & Portrait

Instagram released an update this week that included new photo formats, landscape and portrait. Or horizontal and vertical. Whichever terms you prefer. Because I used to get horizontal and vertical confused, I made this graphic so no one has to feel stupid for not knowing the difference between the new Instagram formats. After a 5-year […]

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How Do You Laugh Online?

Only the Olds Say LOL Do you haha, hehe, lol or ?? The way you choose to laugh online tells people something about you, mostly your age, but maybe also where you live. Sort of like soda vs. Coke vs. pop. Prompted by an article in The New Yorker, Facebook had a look at their […]

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Mentoring at Startup Pirates Atlanta

As part of my continuing effort to get out side of my comfort zone, I decided to volunteer to mentor at Startup Pirates Atlanta.  What is Startup PIrates? Startup PIrates is a global, non-profit organization dedicated to developing entrepreneurs. In their words: Startup Pirates is a one-week program that enables aspiring entrepreneurs to get inside […]

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Throwing Out the Rules for Social Media

Is everything that we’ve come to know about managing social media for your small business wrong? A couple of articles in the last week or so seem to be calling common practices into question. Is it time to throw out the rules for social media? Some industry leaders have either been playing devil’s advocate or […]

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